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Recently I had an interview with the international hackerspaces project called ‘Talking Anthropology’ on  Hackerspace Signal with varied spectrum of subjects including Indian hacker Space, Standard Related Issues Of India,  Blackberry case scenarios and varied InfoSec topics such as electronic voting machines, biometrics and cyber warfare!

The focus of the interview lies basically in the situation of India concerning hacker spaces and subjects. What’s interesting for a wider pubic of the world were the efforts of Indian government for biometrical recognition of citizens, electronic voting, Indian Tech Industry in comparison, connection to national or international hacker conferences, state of the Indian hacker scene, relationships between/position of the hacker scene and the society,  net neutrality in India, examples of hacktivism (maybe nationalism motivated attacks against Pakistan) …  etc. which i had hands on during the interview on the Signal!

A detailed post on the Interview Topics for a gain on, in much detail for wider audience would be posted soon as soon I get out of my hectic schedule. Till then let me know what topics you would like me to discuss in detail!

The detailed interview can be heard , or be downloaded from hackerspaces archieve http://signal.hackerspaces.org/archive/. An update on this can also be found on hackerspaces blog at http://blog.hackerspaces.org/. The schedule of the broadcast can been seen at  http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Signal/Schedule.
TA16 – Indian Hackers [62:50m]